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Stenhouse Professional Development

 This line of Professional books, videotapes, and audiocassettes are designed to help you maximize your time with resources that are practical, affordable, and effective. Based on sound theory and grounded in real classrooms, these resources help professional educators teach more effectively. Above all, our resources help you think- and isn't that what teaching requires most?

Spaces & Places Designing Classrooms for Literacy by Debbie Diller

Through pictures and Text, this unique visual reference answers tough questions educators ask, such as:

  • What do I really need in my room and what’s the best way to set it up?
  • How does my physical classroom impact student learning?
  • What can I get rid of and how?
  • Where do I put all of my stuff?
    Charts, reproducible forms, motivating quotes, a list of shopping sources, and reflection questions are included, along with a section outlining ten specific suggestions for on-going staff development. Spaces and Places includes everything you need to look deeply at classroom space and how it supports instruction.
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Synchronizing Success A Practical Guide to Creating a Comprehensive
Literacy System
Kathy Collins

This book offers step-by-step support for implementing classroom reading clubs,

  • specific suggestions for planning cycles of     reading clubs
  • detailed charts with a variety of teaching ideas that be implemented
  • ideas for mini-lessons and examples of reading conferences suggestions for differentiating instruction

Professional Development Idea- Popcorn and a movie for your faculty study.

Stenhouse Top Publishers for Fall 2005

Choice Words

Choice Words shows how teachers accomplish this using their most powerful teaching tool: language. Throughout, Peter Johnston provides examples of apparently ordinary words, phrases, and uses of language that are pivotal in the orchestration of the classroom. This book demonstrates how the things we say (and don’t say) have a surprising consequences for what children learn and for who they become as literate people. Through language, children learn how to become strategic thinkers. Johnston also examines the complex learning that teachers produce in classrooms that is hard to name and thus in not recognized by tests, policy-makers, general public, and often by teachers themselves, yet is vitally important.

Morning Meeting

Morning Meeting is a powerful teaching tool for building community, increasing student investment, and improving academic and social skills. This comprehensive guidebook has helped thousands of teachers across the country use Morning Meeting to launch their school days.
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