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Fall News from Elette  

and Meaux Books

          Well, school has started and what a wild start it’s been for so many. Hopefully things will soon settle down. At an August national sales meeting of Heinemann representatives I discussed the great need for help rebuilding classroom libraries in so many schools. The other attendees were overwhelmingly supportive and will be donating leveled texts for K-5 classrooms. I’ll give more information as donations arrive.

            Heinemann authors have been very busy updating many of the valuable resources so many of you use.


                                  Irene Fountas and Gay Sue Pinnell have a brand new 2nd edition of the book that changed literacy instruction-Guided Reading, Responsive Teaching Across the Grades. While this essential book includes the same great “how to” for guided reading instruction, it now includes the next step, a shifting of focus on helping teachers respond to behaviors they observe and analyzing and informing their response to student needs.


                                Fountas and Pinnell have also expanded their Fountas and Pinnell Literacy Continuum to encompass assessment, planning, and teaching literacy from K-8. This handbook for teaching is more in-depth and intuitive than ever. A true roadmap for literacy acquisition in children over time.


                                You’ll want to join the Fountas and Pinnell Community at to stay updated and join conversations with teachers from around the country and the world.


Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis have repacked their Toolkits which are available in K-2 and 3-6 kits. The kits include professional support, strategy books, and informational text. New for this edition are Content Literacy  lesson books that integrate and extend all 6 strategies….across the curriculum.


          Do you already have an earlier version? Good news..existing users only need to add the new materials to fill in their existing resources. All the details are on the Heinemann website,



          So many great comments are being heard about Lucy Calkins recent addition of Units of Study for the Teaching of Reading. These grade specific workshop kits provide a plethora of teaching strategies, assessment, and the If…Then… curriculum for assessment based instruction for which Lucy has become famous. The units are accompanied by video orientations for embedded professional development.  Recommended trade books are packaged and available as well as Classroom Libraries, curated by Lucy and her colleagues from Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. Lucy and her team also have an extensive catalog of professional development available online or onsite. See the Heinemann catalog or visit  for details.

            Big news—two of Lucy’s most trusted colleagues will be presenting a one-day event in New Orleans on December 13, 2016. This event is designed to help you learn how to use a workshop approach to writing instruction. Contact Elette at for more information. You do not need to own Units of Study to benefit from this event.

Some Hot Titles in professional reading this year:

The Reading Strategies Book,  Serravallo            Reading Nonfiction, Beers and Probst

Literacy Lessons, Clay                                              Big Book of Details, Linder

DIY Literacy, Roberts and Roberts                       Mindset of Learning, Mraz and Hertz

Purposeful Play, Mraz, Porcelli, and Tyler          Texts and Lessons for Content Area Writing, Steineke and Daniels



Did you know that Heinemann has a bulk price for bundles of 15 or more copies of one title that is 30% lower than the single copy price? Choose a book now for your faculty study.

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If you are overwhelmed by the many products available and need help finding the right combination of resources to meet the unique needs of your students, contact Elette Meaux of Meaux Books. This former teacher has used many of these products in her own classroom and knows just what will enable the teachers and students you work with to achieve the literacy goals you have set. Here are 2 more companies under the Meaux Books umbrella that also offer proven classroom resources.


Okapi Educational Publishing

                   Okapi is offering wonderful opportunities this fall with discounts on many programs. Before you order, contact Elette to determine how much you can save.


                    Flying Start  offers Literacy Starter Packs with resources that use a shared reading approach. These are available in English and Spanish for grades k-3 leveled literacy instruction. Visit flying start to literacy on the web to see how wonderful these paired fiction and informational leveled texts are. Browse the scope and sequence of the program, information on reading behaviors, content area teaching tips, and so much more.


                    Okapi’s Explorations  is a great resource for teaching content area literacy skills using informational texts. This is also for English Language Learners and At-Risk Readers in upper grades. The titles selected are chosen to represent older children in the stories and pictures used.


                    Do you have struggling readers? New Heights provides 21st Century Audio support for striving readers in grades 2-7. Each set includes 20 high-interest titles, a balance of fiction and informational texts, assessment titles, reading pens, an activities and assessment CD, a program guide and a storage box. New Heights has been proven to significantly increase reading enjoyment, confidence, and competency. The independent listening program focuses on short text to build fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Give Meaux Books a shout for connections to great discounts through December 1, 2016.



Are you going to LRA?

Meaux Books will be exhibiting some of our new resources at the Louisiana Reading Association State Conference at Sam’s Town Hotel and Casino in Shreveport for the conference. Hope to see you there Oct.6-8, 2016. Stop by the booth and introduce yourself. We’d love to meet you!


Mondo Publishing

For a Core reading program with the flexibility you need, check out Book Shop! Mondo Publishing offers great resources in Content-Area Reading, Theme-Based Reading, Guided Reading, Whole Group, and Shared Reading. You can count on Book Shop to support you in teaching rigorous standards. With a focus on K-5 literacy instruction and intervention in both oral and written language Mondo shines with resources built on 21st century standards. Fiction and content area topics are well taught beginning with early years oral language development in the Let’s Talk About It! Program, including phonemic awareness, phonics, and writing. Oral language and foundational skills build the bridge to school success.

Reluctant readers are intrigued by the offerings available in Info Pairs-cross text reading activities; Lit Pairs-fun practice in higher order thinking skills in short activities;  and Reading Safari-theme based reading practice in a fun,  attractive magazine format.

All instruction can be supported and reinforced with amazing Book Rooms, carefully selected books for each grade level, filled with high quality books that are of high interest to today’s tech savvy students.

So much to offer, contact Meaux Books       phone 337-280-1569





Heinemann, Hooray!

From Meaux Books

Hooray, summer vacation is here.  Time to refresh, recharge, and renew. Heinemann has lots of “renewed” things to share with you. Many of your favorite Heinemann resources have been updated and revised.

Lucy Calkins

        Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, (TCRWP), the research and development group that works with Lucy Calkins and her Units of Study for Reading and Units of Study for Writing has added new Units to these great resources. These add-on or stand-alone units offer additional guidance to teachers already using the Units of Study program…but, they can also be an excellent introduction to the Units system that teachers and principals everywhere are raving about. Drawing from the If…Then books of the original series, TCRWP is releasing 2 new reading units.

Word Detectives: Strategies for UsingHigh-Frequency Words and for Decoding, Grade 1

Mystery: Foundational Skills in Disguise, Grade 3

..And 2 new writing units.

The How-To Guide for Nonfiction Writing, Grade 2

Literary Essay: Opening Texts and Seeing More, Grade 5

The Calkins’ Collection is also announcing the long awaited Classroom Libraries. Two versions will be available, Grade Level and Below Benchmark for each grade level K-8. The libraries will be composed of “Shelves” made up of titles focused on specific topics, genre, or range of reading levels. Each library is carefully curated to ensure that they can be mined for a variety of lessons and are of high quality and content. Each will be accompanied by a set of resources including a Guide (K-2, 3-5, and 6-8 versions), bin labels and additional organizational materials. Additional “Shelves” will be added so watch for details later this summer. A link to these materials is included on my Meaux Books website.





TCRWP Classroom Libraries

Availibity:   Shipping in late August / early September.


Grade Level Sets, K–8      Pricing and ISBNs


Number Books







Grade 1




Grade 2




Grade 3




Grade 4




Grade 5




Grade 6




Grade 7




Grade 8









TCRWP Classroom Libraries

Availibity:   Shipping in late August / early September.


Below Benchmark Sets, K–8  Pricing and ISBNs


Number Books



Grade 1




Grade 2




Grade 3




Grade 4




Grade 5




Grade 6




Grade 7




Grade 8













The forthcoming TCRWP Classroom Libraries will be available in Grade Level and Below Benchmark collections. Each Library is composed of “Shelves,” each made up of titles focused on a specific topic (e.g. Animals), genre (e.g. Historical Fiction), or range of reading levels. All TCRWP Classroom Library titles have been carefully curated to ensure high interest, richness (books that can be mined again and again), and quality of writing and content.

Each Library will be accompanied by a set of resources including a Guide (K–2, 3–5, and 6–8 versions), illustrated bin labels and sticky notes to help teachers organize the books, and “reviewer” sticky notes to promote student engagement and build word-solving and comprehension strategies.



Our Message for Teachers


 “The research on reading achievement is unequivocal and long-standing, and it shows clearly that reading is . . . everything. Children’s reading engagement, including the amount and variety of what they read, is directly linked not just to reading achievement, but also to overall academic achievement.”

—Lucy Caikins


Kids who have access to great books become readers. There is simply nothing that makes teaching reading easier, that gets kids reading with tremendous volume, or that lifts reading skills higher than a collection of truly fabulous books.


To help teachers achieve these ambitious goals, the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project has developed state-of-the-art classroom libraries for each grade level, K–8. Curated by Lucy Calkins and TCRWP colleagues along with a team of literacy leaders and children’s literature experts, these libraries contain 400–700 leveled books at each grade level—all organized into collections, shelves, and bins based on level, genre, topic, and available in versions for students reading both at and below benchmark.

Each of the TCRWP Classroom Libraries is a miniature version of a great bookstore—if you can imagine a bookstore run by the country’s greatest readers and the country’s greatest teachers. The libraries contain books for kids who like action and adventure, books for kids who like sports, books for kids who like to travel to other times and worlds. There are books for kids who want to learn about history and space and machines, and books for kids who need to see themselves in stories. And every collection has been carefully and thoughtfully designed to lure kids into reading, and to move them up levels of complexity.


As the TCRWP team worked to develop these libraries, several key ideas guided the selection process:


·       The libraries aim to introduce as many authors and titles as possible, with books selected for high interest, richness (books that can be mined again and again), and quality of writing and content.

·       The libraries include some all-star classics, but also many of the newest cutting-edge titles.

·       To ensure all students have access to high-quality, high-interest books, libraries for students reading significantly below benchmark are available for grades 1–8.

·       A helpful Guide (K–2, 3–5, 6–8) and a set of grade-specific tools help teachers organize the books and make them inviting and accessible to children.

We share a mission: to put books into kids’ hands—and hearts. The TCRWP Classroom Libraries offer an important way to grow a positive classroom book culture that can recruit all students to love reading.




Irene Fountas and Gay Sue Pinnell

bring their expertise to the forefront with the release of the expansion of The Fountas & Pinnell Literacy Continuum. This valued resource has been a treasured handbook for beginning and veteran teachers for many years. The new expanded edition will quickly become your essential tool to guide assessment, encourage responsive teaching, and facilitate support for all students no matter where they are on their language and literacy journey. A quick visit to the link onmeauxbooks.comwill also reveal that Fountas & Pinnell have revised their Guided Reading book. Access to information on the new Guided Reading: 2nd Edition: Responsive Teaching Across the Grades is live on the website and features an in depth look at this new edition. This edition contains all new content and truly updates and elevates their best-selling, teacher-trusted Guided Reading: Good First Teaching. Irene and Gay Sue will be presenting at ILA (International Literacy Association) on July 10th at 1:30pm.

Here’s someBig Newsabout Benchmark Assessment System (BAS)

Benchmark Assessment System is a proven system that helps you make informed decisions so you can be confident your students’ needs are being met at their correct independent and instructional levels. Heinemann has now released information about the 3rdEdition of BAS with new, original, high quality books for students; innovative teacher assessment guide and the newest edition of the Fountas & Pinnell Literacy Continuum, Expanded Edition that now spirals from PreK-8th grade. Due out this fall, the newest BAS edition, will address the needs of K-2 and 3-8 teachers in 2 separate and complete kits. BAS has been approved for use in Louisiana by the  Louisiana Department of Education.

          If you are attending the ILA Conference, in Boston on July 9-11, 2016, be sure to visit the Heinemann booth where advance copies of several of these updated resources will be available. Many of our authors will also be there presenting and will be at the booth at different times to discuss your literacy issues and sign books or to just meet and greet.




Meaux Books truly appreciates your interest.


ALL Things …….Comprehension Toolkit

Comprehension Toolkit is also being updated by Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis. This powerful tool will include all of the materials from the original edition plus a new teacher’s guide, new online resources and a new book, Content Literacy: Lessons and Texts for Comprehension Across the Curriculum. Available in K-2 and 3-8 versions, it will also include many new lessons that integrate the strategies with science and social studies curriculum. The Teacher Pack for The Comprehension Toolbox  will provide all of the nonfiction reading strategies needed for any classroom—at a great value. Each Teacher Pack includes the following in a sturdy carrying case:

  • A second edition Toolkit
  • Two trade book packs
  • Comprehension Intervention: Small Group Lessons
  • Scaffolding the Comprehension Toolkit for English Language Learners
  • Comprehension and Collaboration Revised Edition
  • Connecting Comprehension and Technology
  • Three Toolkit Texts with dozens of short nonfiction articles
  • Access online to additional nonfiction texts and professional articles

Browse an on-line brochure to learn more about the new Second Edition . Explore the tab by moving your mouse around.

Is your Professional bookcase becoming too crowded? Read about how you can get a 12 month subscription to many Heinemann articles, videos, and full-length books—all instantly at your fingertips through your browser. Check the Heinemann website for the Digital Library.

As always, please remember that Meaux Books is a Louisiana owned company, representing Heinemann, Okapi, Booksource, Stenhouse Publishers, and Mondo. Access these company websites through links at my website www.meauxbooks.comI would love to discuss how these companies’ resources can help you meet the needs of your students. I am here to answer any questions you may have about any of our products and the many professional development opportunities available to teachers.