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Content-area Print and Online Resources for
Grades 1–5


iExplore is a multi-level, content-area reading program for Grades 1–5 that combines engaging print and online resources designed for use in whole and small group instruction, and for individual reading. Each iExplore magazine supports both a science and a social studies theme with posters, articles, collaborative projects and activities, vocabulary work, and more.

iExplore Online provides opportunities to integrate information from a variety of research sources. It features a range of accessible, engaging options for building on reading, writing, and speaking activities related to the magazine articles and posters.

iExplore provides fully Common Core-aligned instruction that links reading, writing, speaking, listening, and collaborative opportunities with standards-based science and social studies content. Each iExplore kit provides magazines at three levels of reading ability: grade level low, grade level mid, and grade level high. This assures that all students are actively engaged in reading, thinking, and writing about text – delivering the right instructional fit for each student.






Shared Reading- Mondo offers Solutions


The shared reading strategy is an integral part of whole class instruction. Students at any ability level are able to engage in the reading process by reading a text with the teacher. Students practice reading strategies in a relaxed, non-competitive learning environment where risk-taking and mistakes are seen as a normal part of learning. During each subsequent reading, students take increased responsibility for reading the text themselves as their skills and confidence increase. Shared reading provides teachers with many opportunities to model and reinforce fluent reading and to demonstrate strategies for integrating meaning and problem-solving unfamiliar words. Mondo offers a range of shared reading materials in a variety of formats.




Oral Language


The Critical Link to Reading Comprehension






Research has shown that students must possess a strong oral language foundation to achieve literacy success. Low-language native English speakers and ELL speakers arrive at many grade levels with insufficient language knowledge to support learning. When structures within a text are beyond students’ receptive capacity, students struggle. Effective programs for oral language development help students to understand that their thoughts can be spoken, written down, and read. The programs support students in developing the language and learning strategies necessary for both reading comprehension and writing composition. Mondo offers Let's Talk About It! Oral Language Reading & Writing Program, a sequential, structured approach for oral language development. The program includes a brief assessment to identify oral language proficiency and explicit, systematic lesson plans to develop oral language through small group instruction.


Guided Reading | Resources


A Critical Instructional Strategy in the Development of Fluent Readers




Guided Reading enables opportunities for students with similar needs to talk, read, and think purposefully about text. Teachers play a critical role both in selecting appropriate texts, and in teaching, observing, and supporting students as they use strategies modeled in whole-group settings to read a text independently. Mondo offers leveled texts for guided reading in various component arrays, including student book and magazine six-packs, classroom libraries, and kits. Fiction and nonfiction materials in a wide range of text types enable teaching at each student’s precise instructional level. See also Guided Reading Libraries.