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Heinemann is a publisher of professional resources and a provider of educational services for teachers, kindergarten through college. Heinemann strives to give voice to those who share our respect for the professionalism and compassion of teachers and who support teachers' efforts to help children become literate, empathetic, knowledgeable citizens. Heinemann's authors are exemplary educators eager to support the practice of other teachers through books, videos, workshops, online courses, and most recently through explicit teaching materials.


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Middle School Materials for Writing- NEW

NEW- Units of Study by Lucy Caulkins for grades 6, 7 and 8, Opinion/Argumentive, Narrative and Informational

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Units of Study sample for grades 6, 7 and 8.

            *The middle school units of study address topics of particular interest to adolescents. In the Grade 6 information writing unit, Research-Based information Writing: Books, Websites, and Presentations, adolescents immersed in the digital world learn ways to research and write informational essays, books, and digital presentations or websites. In seventh grade, as students take greater control of their lives, they have the opportunity to write realistic fiction and create their own worlds and characters. Eighth graders with their expanding worldview, and growing sense of justice, try their hand at investigative journalism.

            *The middle school curricular shift is likewise reflected in the way units are organized. In the elementary grades there are 4 core units with 5–7 alternate units in the If/Then Curriculum books. In middle school there are 3 core units of study with 9 alternate units to draw from. This allows the ELA teacher greater flexibility and opportunity for differentiation as they address the increasingly diverse learning needs of the students on their ever-expanding class rosters.

Writing Pathways, Grades K-5

The Revision Toolbox, Second Edition, Grades 3-8

Writing on Demand for Common Core State Standards Assessments

grades 6-12, PARCC assessment contexts

Reading Resources New from Heinemann Publishers

The Common Core Reading Book, Grades 6-8

Falling in Love with Close Reading, Grades 5-12

Notice and Note, Grades 6-12

Notice and Note Literature Log, Grades 6-12

Teaching Interpretation, Grades 3-8

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